Use a Fursuit With Your Close Friends in Super Mario 3D Globe + Bowser’s Fury, Now Offered for Pre-Order

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‘s Fierceness lands on the Switch February 12. The video game is a re-release of Wii U standout Super Mario 3D World, but the piece de resistance is the brand-new Bowser’s

Illustration for article titled Wear a Fursuit With Your Friends in emSuper Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury/em, Now Available for Pre-Order

Fury setting. A 2-minute trailer shows a harder platforming challenge that includes a kaiju-sized, fire-spitting Bowser.While you can pre-order the typical video game, there’s additionally a few bonus offer pre-orders available. And also, there’s a brand-new Mario special edition Switch releasing alongside the game. Right here’s what you’ll require to know to purchase any one of those prior to launch.