Fake Film Hollywood Trailers Of Anime Adaptations

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Screenshot: フェイク映画FMT/ YouTube YouTuber Fake Eiga FMT has been creating bogus trailers of Hollywood live-action versions of preferredanime. These trailers are synthetic harbingers of just exactly how Hollywood might leave its distinct mark on precious resource material.The trailers included footage extracted from actual films as well as programs, such as Pacific Rim or Game of Thrones, but with some scenes altered to fit the trailer, with the on-screen credit scores checklist directors like Steven Spielberg as well as James Cameron helming these projects. At

completion of the preview, the text reads in Japanese that this is phony, simply to make sure there is no confusion.

Tbelow is a made-in-Japan live-action adaptation of The Assured Neverland, and it’s interesting to see exactly how that motion picture’s trailer compares.